‘My son has only been going to the Chess Academy for a few weeks, but already he has improved his forward thinking skills (what will happen in the next 2-3 moves) His explanation and vocalising what he wants to do have improved considerably. He is much more able in understanding other people’s point of view and seeing things from all angles. His concentration has improved no end. He will play chess for more than an hour and is able to concentrate for all that time; this has also had a positive improvement in school also, as he has better and longer concentration at school.’

‘My 7 year old son gets great stimulation from the Academy – it provides him with the chance to play other children of differing ability, and to receive coaching from strong adult players. Paul Lam is doing a fantastic job of running the club and it requires someone of his chess knowledge to steer a scheme like this. I believe there is no other weekend children’s chess club like this within 30 miles of Coventry. I feel that playing Chess in general has had a positive effect on my son’s concentration levels, and his ability to solve problems. He is also rather good! I would like to encourage him to play to the best of his ability, and to take his interest in the game as far as he wants. This is only possible at the Coventry Chess Academy.’

‘My son really enjoys the Coventry Chess Academy and looks forward to going every week. He appears to have improved and hopefully will continue to make progress. The Chess Academy is very well organised by Mr Lam and he is very encouraging and supportive and an excellent teacher.’

‘My son and daughter joined the club in September 2013 and they thoroughly enjoy the sessions which take place on Saturday mornings. Whilst they are they gradually developing their chess skills, we have in addition observed that the opportunity afforded to them by attending this club is allowing them to develop their confidence in interacting not only with their peers, but also the adults who dedicate their own time to help the children to learn this beautiful game too. The dedication, enthusiasm and commitment of Paul and his colleagues is self-evident. Please do keep up the good work.’

‘My 8 year old son has benefitted greatly, not only from the tuition received by Paul and the other staff, but also from playing children of his own age and ability. I truly hope this club will continue to thrive and provide this wonderful opportunity to keep alive this uniquely social hobby in a world that is increasingly dominated by online pastimes.’

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