Private Chess Coaching from Paul Lam

I am available for face-to-face coaching in Coventry, Warwickshire and Birmingham and online coaching via Skype. I believe that chess players of all abilities with the motivation to learn and desire to improve can benefit from coaching. I can help you to achieve this through a person-centred approach tailored to your specific needs. This is intended to develop all aspects of your game, including:

  • Developing an opening repertoire
  • Pinpointing and eliminating your weaknesses
  • Sharpening your tactical play
  • Developing your strategic understanding
  • Improving your endgame technique
  • Practical advice for tournament play

I offer excellent interpersonal and communication skills, being able to adapt to students of varying age and ability, in addition to a calm and patient manner. I am reliable, hard-working and passionate about helping my students to fulfil their potential.

Please contact me at for further information.

‘Paul helps me with all aspects of the game – tactics, strategy, psychology and so on. I have been impressed at his approach – rather than ‘telling’ me what to do Paul is teaching me how to learn for myself. He does this using a safe and genuinely caring approach – a reflection of the man himself. An impressive coach.’

‘Paul has been coaching our son for several months. During that time the strength of his game has rapidly increased and he looks forward to his lesson as a highlight in the week. Additionally, Paul is positive, committed and exceptionally polite – a fantastic role model for our son.’

‘It’s not easy finding a good chess coach and even harder to find one that is a good fit for your child. Paul has both the above qualities. My son is shy and quiet in general, but I can confidently say he never hesitates to ask Paul questions when he is in doubt. Credit goes to Paul for being a very child-friendly coach. Paul is a top-class chess coach, a great motivator, has tonnes of patience, is a great listener, encourages and is very humble. He revisits topics to ensure students understand and makes sure that there is a continuous improvement in the child’s performance and grasp of the subject. A coach is like a personal trainer for the mind.  Paul can identify the player’s weaknesses and create exercises to help strengthen these areas. He is an excellent teacher who is able to communicate complex chess topics at the individual student’s level of comprehension.’

‘Paul Lam is an inspirational leader in the truest sense of the word. Not only is he the best coach in Warwickshire, he is one of the top England coaches and his fortunate students are envied by top juniors nationwide. The reason is transparent – prestigious tournament after tournament, his students always come out shining and winning accolades. He has put Warwickshire on the map and created history! All this cannot be achieved just by chess coaching alone. He is a selfless human being and his students come first before all else. On innumerable occasions he has sacrificed his working day or annual leave to be present at crucial tournaments just to support, mentor and guide his adopted children- his students. His pupils know that he has their back and that often and most of the times bring out the very best in them; the results are proof! Paul is extremely hard-working. He spends hours preparing before lessons (in his own time) so that he can produce the highest quality coaching catered for the child. He is a very conscientious, passionate and a very loyal human being. He treats all his pupils equally and understands the child psychology of each pupil and tailors his lessons to suit their style, strength and ability. He is extremely empathetic. His sensitivity and caring nature makes him very approachable for both children and parents alike. When our son started playing chess, he was a fledgling. That’s when Paul came into our lives and made him ‘believe’ he could fly! He has made a phenomenal impact on our son. He has built confidence with constant encouragement, while cajoling him towards the right direction with exceptional mentoring, which is extremely structured, thorough, methodical and of unparalleled standards. He hasn’t just taught him to play the sport, he has instilled essential life skills- to be hardworking, conscientious, sensitive, fearless and follow his dreams.’

‘Paul Lam is at the centre of the current Warwickshire/West Midlands junior chess revival as an organiser and coach. He has greatly contributed to bringing Warwickshire chess up to the level of the very strongest Southern regions and counties. I consider Paul one of the most effective junior chess coaches working in Britain currently and have no reservations in recommending my keenest and strongest players to him. He cares passionately about the success and well-being of the children he teaches and we are very lucky to have someone of his quality coaching our best players.’ (FIDE Master Nick Thomas)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the impact of coronavirus in the UK, I am now coaching solely online until further notice is given. You can read a Skype coaching testimonial below.

‘It was troubling to hear that Saturday morning sessions at the Coventry Chess Academy as well as school chess clubs have been cancelled in the light of the COVID-19 situation. However modern technologies and chess platforms allow continued learning and playing chess online. We would like to share our experience of Skype chess lessons with Paul Lam.

We moved to New Zealand 2 years ago. At that time, our son Eden was 8 years old. Despite all the positive sides we saw in making this move we were worried about Eden’s chess and very upset that we would lose Paul who has been an amazing chess coach and whom Eden respects greatly. We asked Paul if there was any way we could continue chess lessons with Eden and Paul suggested trying Skype which he already used for teaching chess, but with children much older than Eden.

We said good bye to Paul in the UK and two weeks later we said “hello” to him via Skype when he resumed lessons with our 8-year old.

It has been going great. Eden had a full year of Skype chess lessons before we visited UK last summer when we got an opportunity to catch up with Paul in person. And then again – via Skype – as we got back to NZ. Despite time zone differences (which means early mornings for Paul and late evenings for Eden), we find Paul’s teaching very engaging, even for a small child, and an excellent alternative to face-to-face. We feel very lucky that Paul told us about lessons via Skype when we were moving to NZ, and truly admire all the hard work and energy that Paul puts in his teaching (and lessons at 7:15am!!!).’


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