Chess Limericks

There once was a young girl called Kate
Who liked playing the Four Move Checkmate.
But after Nxh5
Her queen wasn’t alive.
Next time she should probably wait!

There once was a young boy called Sean
Who always opened with his h-pawn.
He would give up his centre
And no pieces did enter.
Leaving his position forlorn.

There was a young girl called Elise
Whose knight was her favourite piece.
It was all she would use,
But she’d frequently lose,
Unlike her big brother called Rhys.

Rhys followed an opening rule
Which made him become really cool.
By developing fast
He came first, never last
In all tournaments at his school.

There was an old man called Tom Siddle
Who always left his king in the middle.
He found it a hassle
When he couldn’t castle.
The solution? It isn’t a riddle!

When he spoke many words were uncorked
Yet his pieces would always get forked.
‘What a total disaster!
You could be a Grandmaster
If you played as good a game as you talked!’

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